Emily Weisband Releases Stunning New Track ‘Out of This Car’



Grammy award winning songwriter and singer Emily Weisband is back with a new stellar track in “Out of This Car”.  Emily is the type of songwriter that writes pop songs that grab your attention right off the bat. Her ability to write a catchy hook is like no other. She has written songs for countless stars like Halsey, BTS, Keith Urban, and Camilla Cabello. But now she is finally making music for herself, and writing her own story.

“When I’m writing for others I always ask questions like, ‘If you had three minutes onstage and 5,000 people in front of you, how would you want to use that time?’” says the Nashville-based Weisband. And now that the spotlight is on her? “Oh, when I’m writing for myself, it’s no filter. It’s a really fun experience for me because I am kind of a tell-all queen — I’m very direct.” Emily released her debut EP just last year called Identity Crisis. It was like a personal diary through songs. Its a brilliant work of art, but nothing like her upcoming EP Not Afraid To Say Goodbye, coming in November. “The theme is, ‘I know who I am. I like who I’m becoming. I can’t control anyone else, but I can control me.’” Emily uses her nearly lifelong study of songwriting to transmit raw emotions that revel in shades of gray, while also maintaining empathy and a searing wit. Meanwhile, modern production adds to a rich base of songs made the old-fashioned way.

Emily’s songs always have a special way of transporting you to deeply personal and relatable moments… in this case with “Out Of This Car”, the very vehicle where she went through a brutal breakup on New Year’s. Its an intensely private raw song but also beautiful at the same time. We can’t wait to hear more from Emily once her new EP drops on 11/13! Check out the video of her new single below!



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