Rest For The Wicked release catchy ‘Feel The Same Way’



Superstar duo Rest For The Wicked are back with a new catchy release in “Feel The Same Way”. The new single is a brilliant one and one of their best works to date. It’s a groovy one that will surely have you jamming along to it non stop. If you don’t already know who Rest For The Wicked are then you’re truly missing out on a good time. The band consists of Melbourne artist Ben Townsend and Sydney experimental producer Tasker. Their music can be dark but experimental. They really know how to push boundaries to get the signature sound they want. And it works for them.

“I wrote this to remind myself and others in the same position: ‘you’re awesome, you’re the reason they have feelings towards you and not because they think you’re someone else.’ If you never go, you never know…” elaborates Townsend. Staying silent would only fill you with regret, this track stands to tell you that the time to say something is now. “‘Feel The Same Way’ is an upbeat jawn sure to lure your crush into letting them know they are the one. Might destroy a relationship or six. Mystery is intended…

Their new single just proves how much they are growing and shining in the music industry. It’s a stellar track infused with everything you’d want to hear. It has a sweet 90’s vibe to it and is all about indecisive love and being stuck in a love limbo, a feeling we can all relate to. The duo really know how to make music that really catches your attention and hooks you in to their fascinating world.  They are on this rise and quickly taking the world by storm, there is no stopping them any time soon. We can’t wait to hear what they have in store next, surely it will be brilliant.

Check out the video to “Feel The Same Way”:

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