Kristen Englenz Experiments Between Genre and Generation with “Silly Silly Silly”


Indie pop artist Kristen Englenz has returned with her latest hit single, “Silly Silly Silly,” marking the boldest pop song in her discography thus far. With a classical piano background and a foundation in Fine Arts, Englenz learned to blend traditional techniques with personal interpretation when writing music. It wasn’t long before she found herself in the vibrant music scene of Nashville, where she quickly became an integral figure in the city’s artistic community.

“Silly Silly Silly” is an exhilarating and genre-blurring pop track that traverses various musical styles. With glistening synthesizers, a pulsing percussion rhythm, and a captivating hook that highlights Englenz’s raspy voice, the song seamlessly draws inspiration from artists like Robyn, Sly, and The Rolling Stones. Englenz really shows her talent for experimenting with a diverse palette of tones and colors from a range of musical genres.

“Silly Silly Silly” stands as a testament to Kristen Englenz’s evolution as a songwriter and transformative pop sound. Elaborating on her artistic journey, Englenz explains, “I studied Fine Art in college, and you have to learn the rules — how to master perspective, shadows, shading — and do things the classical way before you can make art with your own interpretation,” she says. “That’s what ingénue was for me. It was my time learning the rules and using the tools in a more traditional way. It was my Blue Period as Picasso, and now I’m excited to explore and evolve into fun new soundscapes. I’m ready to enter my Cubism period and paint with new colors and shapes to see what that looks like.”

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