Kanwal Drives the Rage Funk Movement Forward with His Debut Studio Single “Tuggin’ Me Back”


Kanwal is pioneering the Rage Funk phenomenon with his debut studio single. With an infectious, funk-inspired bass line, thunderclap percussion, and an electrically poignant vocal that generates friction like static on a rug, “Tuggin’ Me Back” will shock your system. Catching the ear with a dizzying array of intertwined riffs and jagged synths, the sonics on this track create a groove-infused atmosphere that match the intensity of Kanwal’s crystal clear vocal. 

Written about the nuances of modern emotions and the battle to express in a cold-hearted world, Kanwal addresses his innermost thoughts and feelings – leaving nothing unsaid. He sings, “Sometimes, I gotta tighten my lip / I gotta swallow my pride.” Reflecting on the societal pressures of fitting in a box and conforming to standards, Kanwal brings his internal struggles to the surface. 

Revealing more about “Tuggin’ Me Back” Kanwal admits, “I wanted this one to feel like you’re listening to a radio pop song, but in ‘the upside down’. It’s a song on the edge, and to me it reflects the idea that we always live on the edge of our socially accepted selves.”

Kanwal is a New York born, LA-based artist who was raised by an Indian/Sikh father and Russian/Jewish mother. He is interested in exploring the intersections of varying identities both within himself, and his unique genre of Rage Funk. Kanwal defines Rage Funk as “A transcendental union of anger and joy.” It’s this unrelenting quest for truth that puts Kanwal on my radar as an artist to watch. 


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