TANSU Finds Herself Amidst the City on Sparkling New EP


TANSU is an unforgettable vocalist, her spirit sticks with you long after each listen. A defining voice in the ever-evolving landscape of Harlem indie pop, TANSU weave influences of soul, electronic, and R&B to create her colorful sonic universe. Her latest EP entitled The City is a powerful time capsule of the relationships she’s had with herself and others while living in New York. 

The City is an effervescent, grippingly poignant window inside TANSU’s soul as she wanders through a city apartment haunted by the ghosts of her past. With candied electronic flurries, breathless harmonies that echo like an urban tunnel, and infectious riffs, The City comes alive. Her opening song “Love Alone” is a soulful reverie on releasing a toxic love. Her track “Downtown” is an exhilarating escape from reality that captures the essence of a thrilling, yet fleeting relationship. The powerful closer “Better Off (Without You)” is an acoustic change of pace that offers TANSU a moment to reflect on all the relationships she’s had and how she’s evolved as a person over time. 

Revealing more on her project, TANSU confides, “It’s an EP about girlfriends, boyfriends, old friends, fake friends. There are songs about best friends that break your heart, and there are songs about the most important relationship in life; the one you make with yourself. The way I learned to love myself is a direct reflection of the emotional life I choose to lead here in NYC.” 

The City was produced by Dave Rublin, a member of the platinum selling band American Authors. 

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