Bre Kennedy discovers her true self with ‘Scream Over Everything (Side A)’


Recommended Tracks: “Navigating”, “Keep Going Back”
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When the world drowns out your voice, how can you feel understood? The news stories, the social media posts, all the moving parts – it’s enough to make what you’re going through seem insignificant. But what you feel should not be suppressed. Who you are is important, and if you need to fight to be heard, then fight. Kick. Raise your voice, just like Bre Kennedy does on her upcoming sophomore album, Scream Over Everything. While the album does not come out until November 10, Bre still wants to treat fans to four special tracks in the form of Scream Over Everything (Side A). With this release, Bre taps into her innermost thoughts, implying that the album will be her most personal album yet.

We look back with “Retrospect,” the warm indie folk track that opens the project. Throughout the song, Bre reevaluates her life, hopeful that it is changing for the better. Over the light strumming, she sings, “From where I’m standing / The world keeps spinning / I’m a fool for holding on / ‘Cause the truth is that you’re already gone / It messes with my head, but in a year from now I bet / I’ll see you in retrospect.” The quiet, reflective spirit of the track picks up midway, the acoustic guitar expanding into dramatic percussion. In doing so, it releases any fears or doubts, the fuller sound doing well to provide much comfort and support.

As Bre continues her journey forward, she learns about the importance of decision-making. On “Navigating,” she accepts that there is a freedom that comes with choices, and choices have to be made every day. She leans into the notion that life is not a straight-forward ride for anyone, touching on this in lines like “So we drive, so we drive” and “We’re alive, we’re alive.” It makes for the perfect summer anthem, ideal for long drives out into nowhere, the golden hues from the setting sun illuminating through the windows and emphasizing the golden hues from the track. It can also guide anyone having their coming-of-age moment, as Bre’s younger brother had before she started working on the track – hence the inspiration.

The last two tracks, “Meantime” and “Keep Going Back,” are centered on relationships. With “Meantime,” Bre takes a moment to acknowledge that having love for someone else begins with having love for yourself. Her voice glides along over the slow, pronounced downbeats and the choir-like layers of vocals, singing, “I need to go through what I need to go through” and “Me loving me is me loving you.” Even though she wants to figure things out, she still loves this other person “in the meantime.” Meanwhile, “Keep Going Back” is a soft pop rock jam that invokes a celebratory feeling despite the wistful lyrics. Bre’s vocals shine against the electric guitar and piano, intent on capturing the glory of returning to something meaningful. She sings, “I keep going back…to you,” losing herself in the memories of her late sister, intent on capturing more moments that will keep her spirit alive.

Bre has previously revealed about the album, “The whole record feels visceral and alive. It’s about returning to myself now. Previously, my writing was very nostalgic – this album is intentionally very present.” Based on these tracks from Scream Over Everything (Side A), it is evident that the album is going to be an exploration, a revealing journey that harps on the importance of staying true to yourself. Bre does not want to look back or dwell on regrets; she wants every move to be intentional and every mistake to be a lesson that she can apply to the future. With the stripped-back feel of these songs, these messages come across strongly, encouraging everyone who listens to grow from what they’ve been through and move on.

You can catch Bre at Lightning100’s “Nashville Sunday Night” concert series on July 30 in Nashville, where she will be celebrating the release of Scream Over Everything (Side A). This will give fans a glimpse of what is to come at Bre’s fall tour, which will run September 28 through October 15. You can snag tickets to the Nashville show and the fall tour here. The full list of dates can be found below.

July 30 – Nashville, TN at 3rd and Lindsley
September 28 – Decatur, GA at Eddie’s Attic
September 30 – Asheville, NC at Different Wrld
October 2 – Washington, D.C. at DC9
October 4 – Millvale, PA at Mr. Small’s Funhouse
October 5 – Chicago, IL at Schubas
October 6 – Davenport, IA at Raccoon Motel
October 8 – Minneapolis, MN at Icehouse
October 9 – Milwaukee, WI at Collective Back Room
October 11 – Northampton, MA at Parlor Room
October 13 – Philadelphia, PA at World Café Live
October 14 – New York NY at Mercury Lounge
October 15 – Medford, MA at Deep Cuts

You can listen to Scream Over Everything (Side A) on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Bre Kennedy: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // YouTube // TikTok // Website


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