B00sted opens himself up to love on “She Wanna”


Comforting those who have just as complicated love lives as his, B00sted has released tracks that share every detail. His recent singles, “Lose Anything” and “Remedy” both danced on that line between love and heartache, the former focusing on breakups and the latter concentrating on relationship anxiety. By sharing his experiences in such an honest way, he has helped those who have dealt with similar situations and feelings. But with a change of the season comes a change of heart, and B00sted is ready to open his up again on “She Wanna.”

On “She Wanna,” B00sted is ready to go from wallowing to partying. He is also ready to change up his pop-meets-hip-hop sound, creating a bolder, more alt-rock leaning style for this track that accentuates its carefree vibe. Over the electrifying stop-and-go syncopation, B00sted shares his thoughts about a girl who catches his eye. As he watches her, he sings, “Short skirt on / She rockin’ stilettos / From K-town / She know what she want.” You can check it out below.

Telling us more about “She Wanna,” B00sted shares,

“‘She Wanna’ is a song about falling for someone even though you know it’s a bad idea. You find yourself getting lost in the moment and doing stuff you usually wouldn’t do. ‘She take drugs, she dance with the devil, does some things I’ll keep on the low’ – you know that she’s bad news, but you decide to take the risk anyway. I take these feelings and turn it into a pop, alternative, indie-pop/rock-inspired song.”

You can listen to “She Wanna” on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

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