BENTLE re-examines his true feelings on “Sideshow”


The last time we heard from singer-songwriter-producer Josh McVey, aka BENTLE, he was floating through the night sky on “Darkest Blue.”  Released in November of last year, “Darkest Blue” contained this feeling of exploration and cosmic disassociation that could potentially arise when drifting through the clouds and stars, transporting listeners to a dreamy retreat. With “Darkest Blue,” BENTLE flaunts his proficiency in creating new worlds for fans to call their own, which is also the case on his new single “Sideshow.” Containing a plethora of eclectic elements and effects, BENTLE once again captures the sensation of drifting, but this time it focuses on the space between two people than that found in a blue sky.

Before the mellow indie-R&B groove kicks in, “Sideshow” starts out calm and quiet with light piano and vocals. It sets us up for an emotional ride, one filled with added percussion, trippy vocal effects, and intimate lyrics. With a dejected timbre, BENTLE sings about inconsistencies and fractures in a relationship, enhanced with the “drifting” tagline that eases its way in and out of the choruses. You can listen below.

About “Sideshow,” BENTLE explains,

“It’s about fractured communication, the blurry lines between inevitability and control, and the romance of the situation that smothers the true feeling.”

You can listen to “Sideshow” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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