GRAE moves on from a worthless relationship on wistful “Forget You”


After the release of her highly acclaimed EP Permanent Maniac in 2020, indie pop artist GRAE continued to further establish her voice in the alt-pop community.  With the release of several singles last year, including “Outta This World,” “Spinning,” and “Like You,” GRAE was able to carry on in her journey of becoming “one of the fastest-rising names in alt-pop,” gaining over 15 million music streams to date.  She is wasting no time in the new year, as she recently dropped her Room in the Desert EP last month.  GRAE is also planning on releasing her debut album in April, but before she does so, she is giving fans an idea of what to expect with the wistful “Forget You.”

Containing lighthearted melodies and an easy-going production, “Forget You” attempts to get GRAE to move on from a relationship that no longer has any value.  Over soft drums and guitar, GRAE indulges in the idea of leaving this person behind for good.  She swiftly addresses her ex, singing, “You gave me these wounds and I filled them with salt” and suggests that they just forget each other in the end – it is the only thing left to do.  You can check it out below.

When describing the track, GRAE shared,

“‘Forget You’ was written when I finally decided to let go of a relationship I romanticized.  This person no longer served me, yet I still found myself caught up in the nostalgia of it all, looking back on our time spent together with rose-colored glasses.  Whenever I tried to move on, I still thought about them.  We always found our way back to each other, and it never ended well.  They weren’t good for me and had bad habits…I felt sad writing it because as much as I knew I had to let them go, a part of me didn’t want to, but this song is goodbye to them and our failed attempt at love.”

You can listen to “Forget You” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Pre-order her upcoming album, Whiplash, here.

Keep up with GRAE:  Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // YouTube // TikTok // Website


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