Dylan Cartlidge Radiates Positivity in ‘Hope Above Adversity’


Recommended Tracks:  “Yellow Brick Road,” “Molasses (Walk The Walk),” “Cheerleader”
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There are endless ways for artists to get discovered these days, whether it comes from sending in a demo to a label or posting a video on TikTok.  Some new artists have to wait years for their big break, while others only wait a few months.  It really can come down to random chances and miracles, but as long as you put in the work, good things are sure to come.  For anyone out there who is struggling to succeed or get noticed, just listen to Dylan Cartlidge’s debut album, Hope Above Adversity, for inspiration.

Music, of course, has a lot to do with getting established in the music industry, but personality also plays a big role.  Dylan knows that looking on the bright side and learning from mistakes can get you very far, in any aspect of life, and incorporates these topics throughout the album.  The album’s two opening tracks, “Dare To Dream” and “Anything Could Happen,” for instance, are about embracing the possibility that things will turn out in your favor.  The lively percussion, soulful choruses, and congenial lyrics all strive to get you out of your funk, and up on your feet.  But, if things do not work out, you can try to find the silver lining in tracks like “Hang My Head” and “Family,” which harp on the notion of never giving up until you make things right.

Sure, these are all typical messages that you have heard time and time again, which is why Dylan addresses them in ways you have never heard before.  Whether he gives us a funky bass riff and hysterical vocals on “Step On” or mixing rock with rap on “Molasses (Walk The Walk),” Dylan uses the music to play up the lyrics of each track, setting a unique mood for each situation.  The most creative of the tracks, though, is “PTSD,” which consists of spunky hip hop, stripped-back piano, and catchy pop.  With memorable lyrics like “I be singing in the shower like a bride / From a rom-com that just found Mr. Right,” the track catches your attention in more ways than one.

Dylan’s enthusiasm for his songs is contagious, and it is evident that he had a great time putting everything together.  Amongst the playful voice changes we hear on tracks like “Monsters Under The Bed” and the high energy buzz we feel on songs like “Yellow Brick Road” is a sparkling sensation that puts us in a better place.  When you listen to “Houdini,” for instance, you just want to “leave your life at the door” and join Dylan “all over town,” as he lets loose and revels in the good times.  Listening to any track is like stepping into a warm embrace from the UK singer, and you trust that things will be alright.

In the end, Hope Above Adversity shows off Dylan’s likeable personality, work ethic, and impressive musicianship – all you could ever want in a debut album.  The tracks are a fine balance between serious and lighthearted, where the messages do not come off too strong and the music is not too over-the-top.  By reminding us that what we go through in life does not always define us, Dylan manages to give us the hope we need to get through anything – and be grateful for what we accomplish.

You can listen to Hope Above Adversity on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Get tickets to Dylan’s upcoming shows in the UK here.

Keep up with Dylan Cartlidge:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // TikTok // Website


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