Ricky Montgomery & mxmtoon Team up for New Version of ‘Line Without a Hook’



Indie pop rising superstar Ricky Montgomery is back with a brilliant twist on one of his classic songs “Line Without a Hook” now featuring mxmtoon. The song was originally released back in 2016 on his Montgomery Ricky album, one of which also featured “Mr Loverman”. The album as a whole is brilliant and it’s baffling why it took this long for people to finally realize just how amazing the album and Ricky are. Ricky released his first EP Caught on The Moon in 2014, where he found himself quickly climbing the alternative charts. His next venture he worked on The Honeysticks, a project with one of his childhood friends. But it was in 2018 when he decided to take a year off of music. Flash forward to last year, he thought of quitting music altogether, that was until “Mr Loverman, and “Line Without a Hook” blew up on TikTok in July 2020, to which Ricky says;

“I think because we had a really traumatizing year, these songs kind of found a moment, because they’re all, in their own way, about traumas in my life.”

Now people were recognizing him for the brilliant musician and songwriter that he is. They found solace in his music because it is so raw and personal. Ricky’s ability to paint a realistic and honest story through his music is his specialty, and why so many people adore him. Now having signed a record deal with Warner Records he is set to work on new music to release in 2021.

The new release of “Line Without a Hook” is stellar and mxmtoon adds the extra punch to it. Her smooth, angelic vocals add so much depth to it and really fit perfectly for the overall vibe of the song. Both of their voices work so well together and it makes it all that much better. When choosing who to have on the song Ricky explains, “I always thought mxmtoon was such an impressive creative, juggling all of these projects so easily. She brought that same energy to the song. Super communicative, naturally collaborative, and above all just such a kind person. She’s a pro, and I feel lucky to have been able to work with her so early in her career.”

On being featured mxmtoon added; “I was so excited when Ricky reached out to me. I’ve been listening to his music for ages and have even spent many hours covering his songs, so the opportunity to work together was extremely thrilling! ‘Line Without A Hook’ is such a unique song, and it was a pleasure getting to collaborate with Ricky on trying to maintain the core of the original song while adding a bit of my own spin on parts.

We can’t wait to see what else Ricky has in store for 2021! Be sure to listen to the new version of “Line Without a Hook” below.

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