Zach Bryan Debuts Dazzling new EP ‘Quiet, Heavy Dreams’



Rising Alt Country star Zach Bryan is back with a brand new EP in Quiet, Heavy Dreams. Zach hails from Oologah, Oklahoma, proud of his small-town roots and whose music is fueled by a desire to stay true to himself. The 24-year old is an active-duty member of the US Navy currently stationed in Washington state, a family tradition that has instilled a sense of honor and humility that is clear in his music. He is a true authentic artist that isn’t afraid to break boundaries. His debut album DeAnn released in 2019 is dedicated to his late mother, a sweet tribute. Elisabeth, which is his latest release in 2020 is an ode to those he loves. You can tell he is a really caring person as he puts those who he loves into his music, which is what makes him so vulnerable and authentic. The two albums have had immense success and have racked up more than 125M streams and counting, with 4M streams per week, while his social presence has steadily risen as he’s shared more homespun clips, virtual concerts, and personality. He has shown his true self and that’s what makes him so likeable. He rose to stardom thanks to his “Heading South” video which has racked up millions of views and shows him outside of his Navy barracks in 95 degree weather belting out the song he just wrote.

Now Zach has releases his latest EP Quiet, Heavy Dreams which is a stellar work of art in its own. He recorded the entire EP in a barn ( how more country can it get?) on his property with the help of producer Eddie Spear [Brandi Carlile, Chris Stapleton], the six-track EP blends classic folk melody and outlaw country with a raw edge that cuts to the bone. “I have some out-there songs, story songs. They resonate with me personally but when I’m singing them and hearing them it feels like I’m dreaming. Imagining the things for myself, and how the people in those story’s all tie together. They all have something to say and someone to say it too. I wanted to put all of these very imagery-driven songs together. The title track, ‘Quiet, Heavy Dreams’ is about a man (or woman’s) journey of trying to be or become who they truly want to be”, Zach explains of the EP. The EP as a whole paints a very vivid picture. When you listen to each song you feel as though you are out in the country living the life, an album you could definitely see yourself driving at night to and blasting it as loud as you can. The album  plays with your emotions as some songs are slower and emotional while others are more upbeat and songs you’d want to dance to.  Zach does a tremendous job at making you feel everything with his music, and that’s what makes him so versatile. His authentic music and personality are what make him a star, and we can’t wait to see what is up next for him!

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