SHAED first came onto my radar last year when I saw them open for Bishop Briggs.  I was not really sure what to expect from them because they had an intriguing stage set-up:  a keyboard on the left side of the stage, another on the right, and a mic stand in the middle.  As I was waiting for them to come on stage, I was looking at that set-up and trying to figure out what they had up their sleeve.  Once they got up there and started performing, I was shook.  They were the second opening act, but you would have thought that they were the headliner because they were so phenomenal.

Fronted by powerhouse vocalist, Chelsea Lee, and backed by twin brothers, Spencer and Max Ernst, SHAED is a trio that produces music in which you can lose yourself.  Their latest project, Melt, contains seven tracks that “melt” together and create a world that is both ethereal and genuine.  Each track is a mix of pop and R&B, with the exception of the haunting “Wish I,” which lasts for about a minute and resembles a short, experimental piano ballad.

The EP goes by pretty fast, but the songs that grabbed my attention the most were “You Got Me Like,” “Trampoline,” and “Keep Calling.”  In “You Got Me Like,” Chelsea describes the perfect afternoon with her lover.  The track also features indie artist, snny, who further expands on the idea of being young and in love.  The song that follows “You Got Me Like” is “Trampoline,” which gives off a completely different vibe.  It is a little dark, as it explores the idea of falling in love with disaster.  The most haunting part of the song is the chorus:  “Wait, if I’m on fire, how am I so deep in love?  When I dream of dying, I never feel so loved.”  On “Keep Calling,” we have a contrast of happy music and not-so-happy lyrics.  While the song sounds very warm, it is actually a little gloomy, describing a situation in which someone yearns to be back in a relationship with someone that they know is a mistake.

If you don’t know SHAED, this is a perfect intro to their world.  If you already listen to SHAED, it just reinforces your reasons for being a fan.  It is evident that they are not going anywhere any time soon.

You can stream Melt on sites like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with SHAED:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Website


  1. YES YES YES! Couldn’t agree more My girlfriends and I all went to Bishop Briggs in PROVIDENCE, RI in May 2017 and Shaed was opening act for Briggs but from first song…i was hoooked. In my humble opinion, I agree, way better than the “headliner”. ..2yrs later it shocks me they still haven’t blown up yet –wildly creative, unique musical geniuses — from sound , flow, lyrics, and performance.. hidden gem!


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