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Recommended Tracks: Bloom, Postcard, Lucky Strike
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After releasing his debut album nearly three years ago, Troye Sivan is back with songs that make us want to both dance and cry at the same time.  Fans have already heard half of his sophomore album, Bloom, as five of the ten tracks were previously released as singles.  Judging by those singles, we could tell that this album was going to be a little bit edgier than the first album.  Troye told a story about his life back in Australia on that first album, touching on relationships and family.  Now, Troye has blossomed into this mature and influential artist and has found something that he didn’t really find on the first album:  love.  On Bloom, Troye shares with us what it means to be in love and how he is embracing all that love has to offer.

The album starts off with the track, “Seventeen,” which kind of takes us back to the vibe of the first album.  In “Seventeen,” Troye reminisces about trying to desperately find something at seventeen that he fully has now, which is a bit of romance.  He might not have known what he was doing at that age, but you could tell that there was something about his experience at seventeen that meant a lot to him.  It is a nice way to start the album, as it brings us back to the familiar sound from the first album, but also establishes the theme for most of the songs on Bloom.

After the extremely vibrant and catchy tracks, “My My My!” and “Bloom,” we hear one of the more somber songs on the album, called “Postcard.”  On this track, Troye goes into the strains that distance can have on a relationship.  Accompanied by only the piano and featuring the Australian pop singer, Gordi, this song creates a real moment.  I feel all of the warmth and the underlying hope embedded throughout the notes and the lyrics.

Often, you find that most people tend to keep their love life private, so it was really bold of Troye to share some of the more intimate thoughts and feelings he has about his relationships with us.  Of course, I do not know if some of those songs are about his current relationship, but you could tell that he is singing about someone special.  For instance, he mentions on the last track, “Animal,” that “I want you all to myself, don’t leave none for nobody else, I am an animal with you.”  We did not really get to hear this side of Troye on the first album, so having him introduce us to this other side is refreshing.

I was not really sure about the direction Troye was headed with this album when I first heard the singles.  I liked the singles, but I thought they were nothing compared to what I heard on the debut album.  I almost did not hear Troye’s essence in the songs.  However, hearing all of the songs in context with the rest of the album, I could not have been more wrong.  Troye has really made something extraordinary and I hope he has great success with Bloom. 

Bloom is available now on sites like Apple Music and Spotify.

Purchase tickets for Troye’s upcoming Bloom tour here.

Keep up with Troye Sivan:  Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // Website


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