Saleka reflects on her former self on “Seance”


There is no denying the extraordinary force that is Saleka.  Over the past couple of years, the R&B artist has released incredibly moving singles filled with purpose and feeling.  Whether it’s a tender piano ballad or a stirring production with a full band, Saleka’s music has the ability to transport us to places where we can come to terms with our emotions.  As she gets ready to compile these songs into a debut album that will drop later this year, Saleka is giving us its latest single, “Seance.”

A lively R&B track with irresistible rhythms and melodies, “Seance” finds Saleka exploring her heritage.  Much like a séance, Saleka attempts to summon the person she used to be before life convinced her into rejecting that person altogether.  With her silky vocals, Saleka gives us lines like, “I’m only getting farther and farther away from me” and “Higher powers on hiatus,” we feel how much she wants to make a breakthrough.  You can check it out in the video below, which was directed by Saleka’s sister, Ishana.

Telling us more about “Seance,” Saleka shares,

“‘Seance is a song about feeling disconnected from myself, especially my culture, my roots, and the things about me that are different, weird, colorful.  Mourning the version of myself I slowly rejected as I grew up and tried to assimilate or be accepted.  It is about feeling the loss of that person and trying to bring her back.”    

You can listen to “Seance” on platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Catch Saleka opening up for Giveon on his upcoming Give or Take tour here.

Keep up with Saleka:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // TikTok // YouTube // Website


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