Christina Martin goes back in time on “Little Princess”


Despite being on fire these past few years, Christina Martin’s flame is still burning. From 2015’s It’ll Be Alright to 2018’s Impossible to Hold and her upcoming album, Storm, Christina has delivered honest, dynamic, and sparkling tracks that keep fans on the edges of their seats. She knows how to tap into a feeling, how to expand a moment, and how to make a pure connection, which is why her new album is shaping up to be her most sweeping album yet. After releasing the swirling “Stay With Me” and “In Control” from the album, Christina is getting more aggressive with her latest single “Little Princess.”

A rowdy, cosmic track that showcases Christina’s rollicking timbre, “Little Princess” is more straightforward than the other tracks we have heard from Storm. The synth and atmospheric production that adorned such singles have been replaced with gripping snare, lively guitar, and elegant strings, making it a dynamic concoction of power and sophistication. She looks to the past with lines like, “I looked up to you to wave your wand / Over my head / Little princess,” but continues to move forward by revealing, “I’m a fighter.” You can watch this story come to life in the music video below, directed by Brendan Henry.

On “Little Princess,” Christina shares,

“Growing up, I admired my older brother, who was a gifted artist but also a great rebel. He died in 2013 of an opioid overdose at the age of 41. This song touches on our relationship and a memory of writing my first prose and wanting to impress him with it. We were two embryonic artists, intrinsically bound by blood and similarities and yet, with a mental illness in the mix, we kept each other at arm’s length.”

You can listen to “Little Princess” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Catch Christina on tour here.

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