Rec Hall capture life on the road with “How Long”


When John Barry and Lance Meliota met each other in elementary school, they had no idea that it would be the start of a long-lasting friendship. They had no idea that it would also lead to the basis of their band Rec Hall, with John on vocals and guitar and Lace on drums. When they got to high school, they connected with Ben Tyrrell who would round out the group on guitar and bass. Together, they won a series of Battle of the Bands contests, performed at local venues, and became active songwriters. In 2021, they released their debut single, “She Doesn’t Get It,” which is now sitting at over 20 million streams on Spotify. In December of last year, Rec Hall dropped their debut EP, Localism, a five-track project that flaunted the band’s signature sun-soaked sound. The buzz for Rec Hall has been growing ever since, especially with the band’s current exposure on tour with Beach Weather. Still, all the love they have seen on the tour doesn’t add up to what they’re missing back home, which we hear on their new single “How Long.”

On “How Long,” Rec Hall invite us into their world. They capture the feel-good vibes of the venues they’ve played in while on tour, the music containing sunny guitars, chill dance beats, and sweeping melodies. Lyrically, however, Rec Hall touch on the ache they have for their friends and family back home. We hear lines like, “You know I wish you were here / I don’t know what I’ve been missing” and “Am I asking too much?” as the guys try to adjust to their new life. The choruses ooze with a longing and desire that completes the mood, making “How Long” a charmingly dynamic track.

About “How Long,” Ben shares,

“‘How Long’ is about the duality of life on the road. It’s about desperately missing the stability and comfort of the people we love back home, while also sonically capturing the frenetic energy of a packed venue. We wanted it to feel both dancey and domestic, to evoke both the quiet bliss of coffee on nightstands and the electricity of a dance club.”

You can listen to “How Long” on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

Catch Rec Hall on tour here.

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