Cade Hoppe sings through the pain on new single “Hurts”


Last year ended with a bang for indie pop artist Cade Hoppe, as he released his heartfelt debut EP Tell Me How It’s Worth It.  The project touched on the many ways relationships can have us question ourselves and our decisions, leaving us to wonder if what we go through is even worth the hassle.  Cade’s classic baritone vocals made a strong impact and brought each of the EP’s five tracks to life, ensuring that there definitely is value in these experiences.  Picking right back where he left off, Cade is giving us the first of many releases we can expect from him this year.

Filled with observations on love and loss, “Hurts” seeks closure after a breakup.  Over lilting guitar and a reeling dream pop production, Cade expands upon the looming absence that emerges when that significant other is no longer around.  Wistfully, he sings that he “would do anything” to see if they should still be together, but also understands that the break may be for the best.  In the end, there will always be a level of pain and hurt felt on some level.  You can check it out below.

Telling us more about the track, Cade shares,

‘Hurts’ is about experiencing that strange post-relationship purgatory for the first time and realizing that anyone you love is going to hurt to lose, whether you were both meant to be or not.  The thesis of this song is: ‘It’s not easy losing somebody, it always hurts.’  I think we all have to learn that lesson at some point in our lives, and this song is about when I learned it for myself.”

You can listen to “Hurts” on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

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