Cade Hoppe reflects on moving forward on ‘Tell Me How It’s Worth It’


Recommended Tracks:  “On My Way Down”, “Afterparty”
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It would be nice to know in advance if the risks we take in life pay off in the end, but most of the time, we never know until we make them.  It would also be nice to know who we meet along the way, the emotions we will experience, and if we end up gaining anything from the process.  Yet, the universe works in mysterious ways and nothing is ever absolute.  Knowing the impact that these various risks or moments of change can have, indie pop artist Cade Hoppe attempts to figure out their meaning on his new EP, Tell Me How It’s Worth It.

When you listen to the first track of the EP, you will immediately notice Cade’s signature baritone vocals.  Providing a stark contrast to the buoyant ambience heard from the surrounding music, Cade’s voice is a little unexpected, but ends up growing on you.  His deep hues bring a warmth to the tracks, making them all the more endearing.  In the end, his voice pairs nicely with the contemporary pop elements throughout the EP, mixing with the guitar on “Afterparty” or the synth on “Loverly High,” for instance.

If Cade’s voice doesn’t captivate you, though, then maybe his lyrics will.  Cade is an amazing storyteller, giving us small scenes from the movie of his life.  Whether he is describing a one-sided romance, as he does on “Click Boom Run,” or the final moments spent with someone, as he does on “Borrowed Time,” you feel right there with Cade, watching all of this take place.  For example, when he asks, “Would you believe it if I told you I’ve been falling for months?” on the blithe “On My Way Down,” you just want to say “Yes!”  His words simply draw you in and hold you there until you feel so compelled to move or speak or react in some type of way.

As each of the EP’s five tracks played a different role in Cade’s life, they all take the listener on a complex journey.  There are many times when we hear Cade’s enthusiasm change to disappointment and then back to elation as he processes certain moments and relationships.  Cade seeks meaning from these experiences, as reflected in the title of the EP, and summarizes what he learns in compelling lines like, “I was so good for you and I know you could see that too” and “Love means so many more things than it did at the start.”  Ultimately, we feel as if Cade has found value in these moments, which brings us peace.

Whether or not Cade really has found value in those moments, it can still be found for anyone who listens to Tell Me How It’s Worth It.  Everybody goes through awkward transitions or uncomfortable goodbyes, and the EP does well to address these coming-of-age experiences.  Whichever moments speak to you the most, be it a subject or a melody or Cade’s soothing timbre, hopefully you will not have to question if what you are going through is worth it – you will just know.

You can listen to Tell Me How It’s Worth It on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Keep up with Cade Hoppe: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // TikTok // Website

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