Cade Hoppe celebrates a supportive relationship on “Only Human”


After releasing the Everything That’s Wrong with You EP last summer, Cade Hoppe has kept us in the loop with a variety of expansive and heartfelt singles. Whether he is trying to figure out where he belongs, as he does on “Moon,” or navigate relationships, as he does on “Labels,” Cade speaks with purpose. He uses his voice, dazzling collections of sound, and icons of the music industry to transform his thoughts into mesmerizing indie pop tracks that can comfort or guide anyone who listens. On his new single, Cade celebrates someone who can comfort and guide him in return.

On “Only Human,” Cade opens up about finding someone who truly understands and supports him. With the help of Bobby Hawk (Taylor Swift, The 1975) on strings and the co-production talents of Harper James (Eighty Ninety), Cade is able to properly celebrate the love and appreciation he feels, making for an unapologetic moment. He sings, “I ramble about what only makes sense to me / She follows along,” relieved to have someone who does not judge or criticize. With this person, he is able to stay grounded. You can check it out below.

Telling us more about “Only Human,” Cade shares,

“This song is about what it means to find someone who truly understands you, especially when you feel misunderstood by everyone else. It can make even the most complicated things feel simple.”

“Only Human” is the last single to be released from Cade’s upcoming EP, Just Look at the Moon, due out this fall. It follows previous tracks, “Fool’s Gold,” “Moon,” and “Labels,” which will also be found on the project. You can listen to all four tracks on platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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