Cade Hoppe goes with the flow on “Labels”


As Juliet Capulet once declared, “What’s in a name?” She may have only been a teenager hopelessly in love with Romeo at the time, but she had a point. Words and labels are not always that essential when it comes to classifying or arranging – what matters most is what lurks behind the name. There are even times when labels can be misleading or diminishing, and according to Cade Hoppe, we are better off without them.

On “Labels,” Cade convinces himself that all is well with a relationship. Over a revved-up energy that builds throughout the track, he dismisses questions he has by singing, “So what, she’s bad at love? / Let’s leave it on the table” and “Hoping they can make me see / There’s no uncertainty / That she was made for my soul.” The dreamy melodies and waves of synth do well to ease the tension, leading Cade to conclude, “This cut is deep, but it doesn’t seem fatal / I’m getting comfortable with being unstable / And yeah it’s new to me, but I don’t need a label.” You can check it out below.

Telling us more about “Labels,” Cade shares,

This is a song about having a relationship with someone that will never give you the reassurance you need — and then finding a way to justify that in order to have that relationship at all. You keep telling yourself that you don’t need a label until you might actually believe it.”

You can listen to Labelson platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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