Homes at Night capture the spirit of long days and endless nights on “Midwest Summer”


Around the time they released “Texaco” in April, alt-rock duo Homes at Night were on tour with Saint Motel, making it an exciting time to drop new music. Fortunately for them, the exciting time never stopped, as they concluded their run with Saint Motel only to start a new tour with Arts Fishing Club. The tour recently wrapped up a couple weeks ago in Texas, but Homes at Night are just getting started on their summer to-do list. First up is their new single, “Midwest Summer,” the new summer anthem for those finding themselves in the middle of a late-night drive through the suburbs, warm air slowly drifting in and out through the windows.

On “Midwest Summer,” Homes at Night capture the spirit of long days and endless nights. They paint scenes of a summer that can be felt by anyone young or remembered by anyone old, complete with lines about smoking cigarettes, getting ears pierced, and finding cool mood rings. Over the mellow indie rock music, we hear, “It’s a typical Midwest summer / Smoking cigarettes that you stole from your brother / Try to find the light that we had in each other when we were young,” that sense of something greater out there taking hold.  You can check it out below.

About “Midwest Summer,” Homes at Night share,

“‘Midwest Summer’ really feels like two different songs melded into one. It’s an approachable, nostalgia-bomb in the indie-alt vein that feels perfect for late night drives on a humid summer night. But it’s also a melancholic song that follows the story of two former lovers visiting their hometown at the same time, seeing if they can reignite their high school flame through the lens of nostalgia. As we are on tour in the Midwest currently, this song has become the soundtrack of our travels, and we can’t wait to share it!”

You can listen to “Midwest Summer” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

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