Cade Hoppe continues to bloom on ‘Everything That’s Wrong with You’ EP


Recommended Tracks:  “Everything That’s Wrong with You”, “Hurts”
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In October of last year, indie pop artist Cade Hoppe released his debut EP, Tell Me How It’s Worth It, which found him questioning various moments and relationships in his life.  As we listened to Cade’s deep vocals and the warm indie pop melodies, we felt as if we were finding closure with Cade, sorting through the different feelings that the music brought forth.  Earlier this year, Cade continued to release such personal and moving music with “Hurts,” and “Morphine,” preserving the narrative he started with the EP.  These two singles have resonated with Cade’s many fans, garnering much hype for his follow-up EP, Everything That’s Wrong with You.

On the Tell Me How It’s Worth It EP, there were times when Cade reflected on love and loss with relationships, presenting those all-consuming moments of meeting someone for the first time to watching someone leave.  Cade gives us more of these delicate interactions on Everything That’s Wrong with You with tracks like “Hurts” and “Don’t Watch Me.”  On the former, Cade recalls a breakup and notes that there is pain felt on both sides – not just on the side of the person receiving or giving the break.  Dismally, he sings, “It’s not easy losing somebody / It always hurts,” trying to justify his feelings.  On “Don’t Watch Me,” Cade sets an even somber scene, one filled with acoustic guitar, piano, and lonely lyrics that touch on the weight of loss.  Still, not all hope is lost, as we hear on “Heart Safe.”  On this mellow and tender track, Cade defends all that he has with someone, reminding who he is protecting that her heart is safe with him.

As Cade comes to terms with these relationships, he also comes to terms with his own self.  On the title track, he finds value in who he is, defending his choices and actions.  Over a chill pop production, he sings, “Maybe everything you think is wrong with me is wrong with you,” and questions, “Is my happiness your one weakness?”  There is also the closing track “Morphine,” where Cade works towards becoming the person he has always envisioned.  In order to do so, he has to “fight off all this morphine” and move past the “temporary pain” he is feeling, no matter how long it takes.

All in all, Everything That’s Wrong with You is another solid EP for Cade.  His vocals are as dynamic as ever, fully breathing life into each word he sings.  The lyrics are also captivating, cementing who Cade is as a songwriter and overall artist.  There is definitely growth that can be felt on this project, and we are looking forward to seeing Cade fully bloom on his next.

You can listen to Everything That’s Wrong with You on platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music.

Keep up with Cade Hoppe:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // TikTok // Website


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