Eighty Ninety release “Ruins” ahead of debut album


We began the journey to indie-pop duo Eighty Ninety’s upcoming debut album all the way back in February with the release of “2 Carat.” It brilliantly represented the themes of the new album, which the duo shared was “about falling apart and learning how to put yourself back together, and the unexpected moments of joy that come along the way.” Since then, Harper and Abner James continued to release singles like “Stay Alive,” “Face Like a Sunset,” and “The Hard Way” that touched on these themes, shaping our understanding of loss, recovery, and love in Eighty Ninety’s world. Before the album drops on December 15, the duo gives us one final single from the project in the form of “Ruins.”

On “Ruins,” Harper and Abner evaluate past decisions and regrets. They sort through the tension and lingering pain that arises from not getting closure, knowing that it will not be easy to move forward until the past is resolved. Throughout the pop-infused track, we get lines like, “I just wish I could reach you / I wish I could hear you” and “If you’re gonna break my heart, just do it / I think a part of me has always known / You’re gonna leave my life in ruins,” alluding to a possible relationship. You can check it out below.

Telling us more about “Ruins,” Eighty Ninety explain,

“‘Ruins’ is a reflection of the past, the choices we didn’t make, and the ‘what ifs’ that still linger. We wanted to capture the ache of those missed opportunities and unspoken words, and to reflect on our youth and the ruins we all carry with us. The rest of the album also explores how we shape our lives on the foundations of those ruins and their enduring impact on who we become.”   

You can listen to “Ruins” on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

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