Daniel Allan and DEEGAN give us encouraging electronic anthem “Say What You Want”


In April, LA-based producer Daniel Allan released his On The Bright Side EP, introducing fans to his addictive electro-pop sound and futuristic style.  The four tracks on the EP have received hundreds of thousands of streams and have placed Daniel in the right spot to release more compelling projects.  One of these projects is his upcoming EP Overstimulated, which represents a new chapter in Daniel’s life and career.  Kicking off this new chapter is the release of Overstimulated’s first single, “Say What You Want.”

Described as “modern electronic music at its finest,” the single features glossy production and enticing choruses.  The lyrics move with the beat and the catchy melodies, sending inspiring messages of staying true to one’s self.  DEEGAN’s unique flow ties everything together and gives the single an extra push.  Fans will notice that the track is a slight deviation from Daniel’s typical pop sound, but it stays in line with his previous releases.  You can listen to it below.

On the whole, “Say What You Want” reflects Daniel’s character, as he is fully invested in both his art and the art of others.  Looking for a new way to claim ownership of his work, Daniel funded his upcoming EP solely through cryptocurrency.  He mentions,

“With my excitement growing – and in an attempt to learn more – I began sitting in on calls and joining Discord servers that had anything to do with the space… With the industry slowing down and my ever growing interest in Web3, I began to wonder if there was an alternative to the traditional label route. I wanted to explore a solution at the intersection of crypto and music.” 

You can read more about the project here.

“Say What You Want” is available on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Keep up with Daniel Allan:  Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


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