Elliot Moss pursues a hint of “Magic” on latest single


Through his ability to match complex emotions with dynamic music, Elliot Moss has been able to make tracks that have a lasting impression. He received high praise for his 2020 album, A Change In Diet, skillfully showcasing his singing, songwriting, and production talents that were first heard on his 2015 debut, Highspeeds. Elliot’s expertise is due in part to his dad’s career as a professional audio engineer, enabling him to grow up in the studio and learn what it takes to make meaningful music. On his latest single, “Magic,” Elliot pens an insightful track that taps into how it felt to watch his dad undergo cancer treatment.

On “Magic,” Elliot recounts the anxiety that came from watching his dad go through a life-changing experience. After his dad was diagnosed with cancer, the treatment available could lead to hearing loss, which was a huge pill to swallow. It affected Elliot very strongly, prompting him to create “Magic.” It starts off intimately, with intricate riffs and fragile vocals. We hear Elliot sing, “I can’t even look / So don’t look at me / As I fall into focus,” radiating a defeated energy. The track then takes on a busy alt-rock personality, complete with heavy guitar and commanding verses.

The corresponding music video wonderfully illustrates the spirit of the track. It begins with Elliot all alone, leaning up against a bathroom door while singing. In the sink are quite a few Magic 8 Balls that he has seemingly drained, their black water filling up a tub beside him. We then watch as Elliot shreds on his electric guitar, hoping that the vibrations of the music will help unleash the magic that is contained within the balls. You can check it out below, which was filmed by Eliot and his dad.

You can listen to “Magic” on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Keep up with Elliot Moss: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // TikTok // YouTube // Website


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