TZAR makes glistening debut with ‘i’m ok’ EP


Recommended Tracks:  “What Ur Lookin’ For”, “Stay”, “Fuccboi Anthem”
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If only you could break up with someone and be completely fine.  No guilt.  No doubt.  No lingering feelings.  Things would be better, but we would not have some of the best, most powerful songs of all time.  We certainly would not have i’m ok, the debut EP from electro-pop artist TZAR.  A project that delves into the ways TZAR saw herself and her life when a long-term relationship was falling apart, i’m ok attempts to close up loose ends and make the most out of what is going on, even if doing so makes things less than okay.

TZAR’s interest in 80s and 90s music can be found throughout i’m ok, with songs that contain the glam of 80s disco tunes and the excitement, the sleek energy of 90s pop.  A fine example of this is the EP’s opening track, “What Ur Lookin’ For,” which features tranquil verses and energetic, funky choruses.  It is a confident, validating tune that will get you to believe that you can be what someone is looking for.  The track also sets up a formula that comes through again and again on the EP, consisting of tender verses that give way to loud, celebratory choruses.

Even though we can anticipate how some of these tracks unfold, there is still a surprise as to how they will sound.  On “Rocket Science,” for instance, we hear a blend of pop melodies with bits of rock and hip-hop production, giving us something a little more out of the ordinary.  We also have mixes of harsh drums and swirling production, like on “Get Gone,” or dazzling synth work with acoustic guitar, as on “Now That Ur Gone,” showing us that TZAR is not afraid to experiment.  In a world where anyone can make music these days, the detail and unparalleled creativity found on these tracks are necessary to really make a song or an artist stand out.

Artists also need to be relatable, and releasing songs that show more than one emotion is a great way to do so.  TZAR mentioned that i’m ok details her “journey into and out of love,” with songs that highlight a desire for the other person to stay in her life, along with songs that encourage a break.  On one side, we have “Stay,” where TZAR practically begs for this person to be with her.  She croons, “I guess I’m saying you should stay / Stay with me,” when she knows it is best for things to come to an end.  There is also “Fuccboi Anthem,” which operates at the other end of the spectrum.  As TZAR sings, ““You’re doing the most / You hit me up, then you ghost,” it is understandable why she wants nothing to do with this boy.  The title track of the EP falls somewhere in between these two songs, as TZAR tries to figure out why she still is “getting all dressed up” for the same person she is trying to move on from.  It is quite a journey, but one that can be felt by many.

On the whole, the seven tracks on i’m ok set TZAR up to be a fresh voice in the pop world.  She brings so much to the table as a new artist, which you can fully grasp in a song or two.  The crazy thing is, even if you listen to a track ten times over, you will still hear a riff or a harmony that you may have missed before.  When this happens, you know you have tapped into something special.

You can listen to i’m ok on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with TZAR:  Instagram // Twitter // TikTok // Facebook

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