Chris James teams up with gnash on “I Wanna Feel Good”


Chances are you already know Chris James, the Berlin-based artist who is taking the music world by storm. As a singer, he has achieved over 70 million streams on Spotify, his single “Not Angry” remaining one of his most-streamed songs. If you are not familiar with “Not Angry,” then maybe you are familiar with BTS’ smash hit “Life Goes On,” which Chris co-wrote. Overall, Chris has reached over 800 million streams as a songwriter, and the numbers continue to rise every day. It’s evident that he has a way of connecting with others through his music, the latest example of this being his new single, “I Wanna Feel Good.”

Created in only a few hours with indie artist gnash, “I Wanna Feel Good” is about wanting a break from the heavy parts of reality. Throughout the track, we get lines from Chris and gnash that allude to their defeated feelings. We hear gnash sing, “I woke up tired, I’m not feeling myself,” while Chris reveals, “I told my therapist I’m going through hell / Try meditating when you’re feeling unwell.” In the end, they observe, “I swear I try, I do the best that I can,” the jovial melodies pulling us in a lighter direction.

You can check it out below.

About the single, Chris shares,

“gnash and I wrote this song during my four-month stay in Los Angeles.  I think both of us really connected on the feeling of just wanting to be okay with what’s going on in our heads, and both of us started exchanging stories about it.  Two hours later, we had ‘I Wanna Feel Good.’”

You can listen to “I Wanna Feel Good” on platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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