Dan Davidson starts a new chapter with ‘6 Songs to Midnight’


Recommended Tracks:  “Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You”,“Role Models”, “Blindspot”
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After exploding onto the country scene in 2016 with “Found,” Dan Davidson has welcomed a lot of success.  His playful, pop-punk infused country songs have earned him 10 ACMA awards, a gold record, countless spots on the top 20 charts, and opportunities to write for notable artists in the Canadian music scene.  Having learned so much about his artistry in the past six years, it is no wonder that Dan is starting to come into his own as a songwriter, producer, and singer.  Ready to debut a more mature sound, Dan is giving us the 6 Songs to Midnight EP, which is the beginning of a new chapter in his career.

When speaking about the EP from a writer’s standpoint, Dan mentioned that the tracks show off his skills of creating “get drunk and fall in love” songs.  We definitely feel the love throughout the project, as Dan touches on flirting, getting married, and the concept of realizing that your soulmate was there all along.  On “Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You,” for instance, Dan teams up with Hayley Jensen to explore those semi-romantic feelings that come up when you get a little too tipsy.  Playfully, they sing about how “wine is gonna turn into why not” and that “there ain’t really no such thing as gin and platonic,” concluding that it may be best to abstain from the alcohol when they’re together.  We also get the sweeter “I Do” and “Blindspot,” which dive into the beauty of finding someone out there that you can’t live without.

Rounding out the EP are the songs that deal with the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day.  We have the anthemic “Role Models,” which invites anyone who has “real problems and don’t know how to solve them” to “come on over, grab a case, laugh and cry, bitch and complain.”  There is also the opening track “Roll With It,” where Dan and his friends in The Road Hammers remind us that life is a huge game, full of wins and misses.  The closing track “Don’t Judge a Beer by the Label” is a great mash-up of these two tracks, containing the optimism of “Roll With It” and the feel-good production of “Role Models.”  The overall message of the track is one of getting to know people first before you make assumptions, as you never really know what anyone is going through.

On the whole, 6 Songs to Midnight is a lovely transition for Dan.  He has come so far as an artist, and the EP is the natural next step for him.  The tracks feel very organic and unique to Dan’s style, but give him that extra edge, that extra push towards where he has been venturing over the years.  We cannot wait to see where he will be in another six.

You can listen to 6 Songs to Midnight on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Dan Davidson:  Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube // TikTok // Website


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