TZAR tries to push past the hurt on “I’m OK”


Usually, when someone says, “This is fine” or “It’s okay,” things are not fine or okay.  Despite the smiles and reassuring words, there are black clouds forming and fires blazing within.  When things do eventually become okay and you are ready to move past the chaos, those clouds and fires still linger, and pop artist TZAR knows this concept very well.

On her new single, “I’m OK,” TZAR focuses on trying to stay strong after a breakup.  She explains,

‘I’m OK’ came from a time where I was rediscovering what it meant to be on my own after a long-term relationship fell apart.  It started as a pure ‘I’m ready to move on and I’m ok no matter what’ vibe, but it got deeper and spoke to all the emotions behind everything that was happening.”

The smoldering track beautifully combines lush synth and glistening melodies to better tell this story.  TZAR’s sweet and steady vocals guide you across the vibrant landscape that has been created, covering you in warm layers of sound.  You cheer TZAR on as she tries to forget about the relationship, and hope that one day she will not “want it all like before.”  You can listen to the track below.

“I’m OK” is the fourth track from TZAR this year, with her previous three singles all having amassed 1.4 million streams on Spotify together.

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