Mulholland Blond Tries to Overcome a Broken Heart on ‘Recover’


Earlier this year, Mulholland Blond released his first single of 2020, “Dreams.”  The opulent indie pop track was an outstanding addition to Mulholland Blond’s repertoire, and left us eager for more.  Now, the Sydney-based artist is back with another single that builds on the vibrant and romantic world that was established in “Dreams.”  This time, however, our dreams are not as promising as they once seemed.

On “Recover,” we hear about a relationship gone wrong.  Mulholland Blond describes the conflicting thoughts and feelings that we may have after a breakup – from still wanting the other person in your life to knowing that it is time to move on.  He sings, “I need your love, but I can’t forgive the way you gave me up.”  In the end, Mulholland Blond decides that it is best to take a moment and “recover” instead of making brash decisions.

The 80s vibes are strong on “Recover,” which can be attributed to all of the rom-coms that Mulholland Blond watched while making the track.  He explains, “I was stuck in a rut binge-watching 80s teen rom-coms and overanalyzing the ups and downs of the relationship when I decided it would be more productive to put pen to paper.”  The results are a synth-infused 80s pop ballad that would fit perfectly in any coming-of-age dramedy.

You can check out “Recover” below, and be ready for more music from Mulholland Blond later this year!

Keep up with Mulholland Blond:  Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // SoundCloud


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