Alle The Dreamer wishes for a little “Magic” on new single


For Alle The Dreamer, music is a way to share what’s in her heart, whether it be longing, despair, happiness, excitement. On “Lonely Hallucinations,” which came out last October, Alle was touching on fear and doubt, unsure about her future and bothered by her past. It spoke to anyone who was also living in an in-between kind of state, prompted by a situation such as a breakup or a move or a career change. For her next single, Alle The Dreamer is tapping into a bit of optimism with “Magic.”

With charming rhythms and wishful lyrics aplenty, Alle The Dreamer gives us a sweeping indie pop track that acknowledges the hidden beauty around us. You feel as if you are in a better, magical place filled with cotton candy clouds, colorful flowers, and twinkling stars. She sets up this scene so perfectly with lines like “I don’t wanna live / In a world that is black and white / Where we don’t have different shapes or sizes / Where there’s beauty but we only see darkness.” You can check it out below.

About “Magic,” Alle The Dreamer shares,

“I was having a really good week. You know, when the clouds just separate and a beautiful clear blue sky appears? You know, when the sun just warms your whole body and you have this warm internal glow kinda feeling that you wish you can bottle and hold onto? Yeah…those kind of feelings. I was in this place that felt like everything is possible and super hopeful for the future. It’s really about seeing the beauty all around us and creating that magic.” 

You can listen to “Magic” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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