Lamorn releases double singles “Between Us” and “Lance Mountain” from upcoming EP


Even though he is only 18, electronic artist Lamorn possesses a talent well beyond his years.  For the past few years, Lamorn has consistently blended contemporary melodies with electronic production, capturing the attention of notable figures in the dance music community.  One of these figures is electronic DJ and producer deadmau5, who signed Lamorn on the spot to his mau5trap label after hearing Lamorn’s captivating tunes.  As deadmau5’s “musical protégé” gears up to release his first EP with the label, he is giving us a sneak peek of what is to come with double singles “Between Us” and “Lance Mountain.”

On “Between Us,” Lamorn creates a bright and lively space filled with dramatic downbeats and shimmering melodies.  From the cosmic verses to the glowing choruses, each section plays out like one big hook, holding our attention throughout the track.  We also hear Lamorn’s voice on “Between Us,” showcasing his vocals for the very first time on his own music.

On the second single, “Lance Mountain,” we hear even more of Lamorn’s dexterity as an artist.  The instrumental track is a little more casual in comparison to “Between Us,” with a mellow groove that encourages listeners to sit back and enjoy the ride.  The layers of sound morph and build over the course of the track, seamless changing styles and tempos.  It is easy to imagine skateboarder Lance Mountain riding the waves of the music, envisioning the way he inspired the track’s overall sound.

Speaking more on the double release, Lamorn shares,

“Over the years, my Lamorn project was always something I thought I would keep fairly detached from my thoughts and emotions.  ‘Between Us’ is the first time I let that guard down.  Since then this has become less of a ‘project’ and more of an extension of my life, where I can be 100% myself.”

You can listen to “Between Us” and “Lance Mountain” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

You can also hear the tracks on Lamorn’s Encore EP, out on November 9.

Keep up with Lamorn: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter


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