Ava King tells us it’s not always about what is on the outside on ‘Sex Money God’


Recommended Tracks: “Be Pretty,” “Prayer for the Basic Bitch,” “Is Someone There”
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What comes to mind when you think about success? Is it how much money you have? How many people you know? Having a nice house, a fancy car? It’s almost like society convinces us that we need certain products or connections with various people in order to be happy or be perceived as important, especially when wealthy celebrities or famous influencers flaunt these aspects of their lives on social media. What if, however, you didn’t need any of that to be considered as worthy? According to electropop artist Ava King, you just need to have self-love. On her debut album, Sex Money God, Ava realizes that it’s not about what’s on the outside that counts – it’s all about who you are on the inside.

The album is divided into three different parts or themes, starting with SEX. On the opening track, “Be Pretty,” Ava makes a mockery out of looks and sex appeal. She uses dreamy pop melodies and angelic harmonies to convey an old school glamour feel, inviting us into a beautiful world. Ava quickly shuts down the mystique, however, by calling out beauty standards. She sings, “If you want to make it / You gotta be a stunner / Other things don’t matter” and “It’s all so unnatural / But you could make the cut,” echoing social norms. With “Father Harvey,” she goes a step further and chews out men in the industry. Accompanied by a chilling riff and prominent drums, Ava delivers the darkest track on the album, reflecting how unnerving it is for guys to only see power in her body. The attitude she gives in portions of her delivery is reminiscent of artists like Nicki Minaj, especially when she claims, “It’s not about who you are / It’s about who you fuck.” Ava rounds out the SEX portion with “Let’s Make a Porn,” challenging women who cater to men. The crooning pop vocals, soulful tones, and string work give it an elegant and ethereal feel – definitely the tone you may want when getting down in the bedroom. In the end, however, she sings, “I’m so scared of losing you / So, I’ll do anything you want me to,” implying that there are some hidden motives driving the relationship.

The second section of the album, deducing from the title, is $$$. With “I Do It for the Likes,” she portrays an obsessed social media user who needs constant validation – in the form of a like, a comment, etc. It has a dangerous, mechanical feel, but there is also a fire and a sense of urgency. Over the playful synth, Ava sings, “I do it for the likes / I’ll give you my whole life / Is that enough for you to validate me?” placing the importance on the heart or thumbs up icons instead of on herself. Her feelings only get bigger on “I’m So Fucking Rich,” where she is convinced that she is the baddest bitch around. The heavy downbeats and triumphant string work enhance lines like, “You could never touch this fire / I’m rich / Double take now / I’m that bitch / You sit and watch as I buy everything,” the power and splendor hard to miss. These two tracks deviate from the mood on “Prayer for the Basic Bitch,” though, which opens the $$$ portion. This gospel pop tune, made complete with horns and piano, shows a vulnerability from Ava that shows that underneath all the power and greed, she is desperate for something real. Here, she throws it all away and declares, “I’m so damn tired of / Wanting this shit / ‘Cause even when I get it / None of it makes me happy.”

The final portion of the album, GOD, focuses on the inner self. We hear about a tough kind of love on “Is Someone There,” with Ava asking, “Why is it that people who love you the most / Also hurt you the most?” and “Tell me why all the people that I need to stay / Why I push them away?” In the end, she just wants answers on this ballad, hoping that they will come to her soon. She then takes control on “Self Love (A Bitch),” where she embraces her authority. On this flashy pop track, Ava gives us a new anthem that we can turn on when we need to feel empowered. She isn’t here to look for validation on this track, singing, “Self-love has made me a bitch / They call the new me so selfish / Made a change and I love it / Bitch / I’m finally cutting out your shit.” It is clear that she has a new sense of confidence, which she takes with her on the closing track, “Surrendered.” It is a fun way to close the album, containing a glitchy, pumped up energy that you would find at the club or at a party. With carefree vocals, Ava sings, “Took me some time but I’m letting it all go” and “I’m ready for you to take all of me / I stand in front of you, imperfectly,” more than eager to start her next chapter in life.

About Sex Money God, Ava shared, “The album is about how our society worships false gods, like sex and money, at the expense of the real God, which resides within each of us.” We can track her journey to find this god throughout Sex Money God, as we hear her trade in ideas of sex and money for a newfound faith in herself. She does so in a clever and sly way, whether she outright says what is on her mind or delivers a line with sarcasm. In the end, she makes her point, giving us a dynamic collection of songs that anyone can relate to as they explore their own connections with false or real gods. I have a feeling this will not be the last time we hear from Ava King, so get familiar with her now.

You can listen to Sex Money God on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

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