Royals heat things up with ‘A Spark To Ignite’ EP


Recommended Tracks:  “Gone,” “Jaded”
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This past year has been quite busy for the pop punkers of Royals, as they have used these months to promote the release of their second EP, A Spark To Ignite.  Starting with “Out Of Reach” in April of 2020, Royals issued four new singles that would later be featured on the EP.  These singles varied in style and subject, with the band getting more creative and personal on each track.  Prominent personalities of the alt-rock world took notice of the group during this time, with the likes of Alt Press and Kerrang! all pitching in to give their approval.  If you have not been in the loop, then let A Spark To Ignite show you what all of the buzz has been about.

On A Spark To Ignite, Royals take a more creative approach with their sound.  Fans of the band know that Royals like to experiment, as they released a cover of Taylor Swift’s “ME!” and a reimagined version of their debut single, “Up All Night.”  For the EP, the guys channeled more of that creativity into the poignant “Jaded” and new track “Gone,” incorporating elements of other genres into the overall production.  By blending their spiteful lyrics and catchy melodies with synth riffs and hip-hop style breakdowns, Royals push the boundaries of standard pop punk, and show that they will not be restricted to one sound.

The themes on A Spark To Ignite are all-encompassing, touching on friendships, mental health, and daily woes.  We have the scathing “Fair-Weather Friend,” which serves as a slight to any friend who has failed to do their part.  Lead vocalist Luke Smithson sings, “Where were you when I was lost, and I needed help to be strong,” addressing one of the most important features of friendship.  There is also “Worldwide Catastrophe” and “Out Of Reach,” which reflect on how unfair and miserable life can be at times.  Even though these tracks are emo, putting us in our feels, they are also comforting.  It helps to know that there are other people out there who are going through the same things we are going through, and who can put these emotions into words.

With A Spark To Ignite, it is clear that Royals have a better grasp on their identity than they did on their first EP, Painted Gold.  The band was just getting their bearings and figuring out their place in the music world on that EP, giving us songs that did not show off their full potential.  The tracks were very solid, of course, but did not expand beyond the pop punk realm.  It is refreshing to hear a more confident band on A Spark To Ignite, as Royals continue to evolve and apply what they are learning together into their music.

You can listen to A Spark To Ignite on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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