Fake Shark are constantly on the defense on “Paranoid”


Over the years, Vancouver alt-pop act Fake Shark have gained much traction with their genre-fluid music.  Last year, they dropped the highly acclaimed LP Time for the Future, which has taken listeners on a smart yet fun ride with its massive hooks, cunning lyrics, and resourceful samples.  The album’s hit single “Loser” even charted at #9 on Alternative Radio in Canada and #3 on Breaking Alt, doing well to keep audiences entertained.  With over 4 million total streams and nearly 2 million views on YouTube, the eyes and ears of fans and friends are enough to make anyone “Paranoid,” as we hear on Fake Shark’s latest single.

A lively alt-rock track with a punk attitude, “Paranoid” tackles the frustration of constantly being criticized by someone in your inner circle.  Lead vocalist Kevin Maher gives us unamused lyrics as he sings, “Every day, I fall to pieces when I talk to you / ‘Cause every day is a nightmare when I tell the truth,” not wanting to endure another battle.  Yet, the mind games are very strong when we get to the chorus, as we hear, “Maybe I’m paranoid / I’m all up in my mind.”  Is he being paranoid?  Is it all just made up in his mind?  Find out below.

About the single, Kevin shares,

“‘Paranoid’ is a song about having conflict with somebody who knows you well enough to pick you apart perfectly.  There’s no point in making something up to win an argument because they already know it’s not true.  It’s the frustration of being close to somebody.”

You can listen to “Paranoid” on platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Keep up with Fake Shark:  Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube // Website


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