sunsetto apologizes for being “late to the party” on new single


Nearly a month ago, sunsetto released the edgy “drugs are for fun,” immersing fans in his alt-R&B-meets-lo-fi-pop sound.  While playful and vibrant, the single explores how seemingly harmless coping mechanisms can actually end up being detrimental.  In the end, it introduces the idea of fearlessly taking on important conversations with those in need of help.  Following up the sobering release, sunsetto continues to make amends with “late to the party.”

A lonely dancefloor jam, “late to the party” finds sunsetto apologizing for his tendency to put relationships on the backburner.  He recounts past moments and situations when he failed to show up, singing, “She said what’s taking so long / Summer’s almost gone / I’m here all alone.”  We then feel the pain from sunsetto as his silky voice continues, “I said I’m sorry / I’m always late to the party,” owning up to his mistakes.  You can check it out below.

Telling us more about “late to the party,” sunsetto explains,

“When you have a dream you’re working towards, it becomes your first priority, and some relationships can suffer because of the lack of attention.  I acknowledge the sense of urgency in the summer to go out and fall in love and make memories, especially since summer goes by so quickly in Canada, and the pressure I felt from all directions at one point in my life.”

You can listen to “late to the party” on platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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