Sam Setton Yearns to Feel Some “New Emotions” in New Single


NYC native Sam Setton released his newest single “New Emotions” last Friday, exploring themes of self-reflection and the desire for change. This song is universally relatable as it describes the ongoing human search for love, meaning, and fulfillment in life.

The track starts off with Setton saying “this is how I feel about my life right now” before the music begins, letting us know that we’re about to hear something highly personal and vulnerable. Setton then begins to sing over a simple musical background, his voice soft and melancholy as he describes how “all I care about is me / and I barely like what I see”.

Background vocals emphasize certain lyrics as we move into the more melodic pre-chorus, which describes the back-and-forth of the same emotions that he’s stuck in. The subtle drums noticeably drop out as we’re left with the simple guitar and soft vocals for the chorus, which states “you just wanna feel some new emotions”.

The second verse describes changes Setton had promised himself he would make, but how he still finds himself in the same position over and over. The frustration is evident in his vocal delivery as he sings about what he still doesn’t have.

This pre-chorus gets straight to the point as he mentions circumventing depression. Then, we head into the chorus, which keeps a consistent beat to drive the message along. After the final chorus, Setton’s vocals pick up the pace a bit to sing some completely new lyrics, almost as if he’s giving himself a pep talk. The track ends with him singing “yeah you know it, you just gotta say it with your chest” as if he just needs to believe the words he’s saying.

The slow and simple instrumentals throughout the song pair perfectly with the airy and low vocals, keeping the energy at a consistent pace throughout. This mirrors the consistent hum of dissatisfaction Setton is feeling even as he says he wants to feel some “new emotions”. Throughout the song we also learn that in addition to wanting to break free from old patterns and have new experiences, he’s also searching for love, adding another layer of emotional vulnerability.

With the lyrics at the end, though, we see a glimmer of hope. We see that Setton logically knows what’s right and what he has to do, but he has to somehow get himself to believe it and mean it when he says it. Listeners from all walks of life will be able to relate to this desperate desire for change, as we’ve all experienced it at one point or another.

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