Violet Chachki and Allie X are up to no good on mischievous “Mistress Violet”


The past few years have been nothing short of amazing for Violet Chachki.  The Season 7 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race has made a strong presence both on and off camera, dabbling in a plethora of creative outlets and ventures.  One of these projects is music, which Violet has been exploring since 2015.  While these releases have been slow and steady, Violet never fails to deliver, which is true with her latest single, “Mistress Violet.”

On “Mistress Violet,” we step into a world that captures the nostalgic 80s vibe of Madonna and the futuristic energy of Lady Gaga.  Over rhythmic synth and lush techno, Allie X and Violet describe what it means to embody the “feminine and divine.”  Their tone is unapologetic and steady, as they shut out all of the haters and contradictory opinions.  In the end, Mistress Violet is more than just a strong, fearless person – Mistress Violet is a feeling that cannot be marred by anyone.  You can check out the mischievous video below, which was shot entirely in analog.

About the creative process of the track and video, Allie X revealed, “The writing of this song was seamless and so bitchy and fun!  Violet sent stream of consciousness style notes and visual references as well as the beat from Le Compte De Brégeot and I wrote the whole thing in an hour.  It’s very easy to write with someone who knows what they want.  This translated to our video as well.  Violet has incredible taste and I felt like a Barbie being dressed up by my evil step queen mom who wanted me to fit into sample size Schiaparelli couture.  It was awesome.

You can listen to “Mistress Violet” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Violet Chachki:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Website


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