NEVE Confronts Her Anxiety in New Single “DizzyNumb”


Irish pop star NEVE has just released her punchy new single “DizzyNumb”. This dynamic track will resonate with listeners who have ever struggled with anxiety.

“DizzyNumb” kicks off with some out-of-this-world synths before a decisive drum hits and NEVE’s strong vocals begin. NEVE begins to describe how her anxiety feels, and we also get pieces of softer background vocals in between as she sings “have you ever seen a lioness crying?”.

In the first part of the chorus, we hear muffled and distorted vocals repeating the words “dizzy numb” before her clean vocals express the feeling of “running out of oxygen”. The distorted vocals give the impression of feeling foggy and disoriented, while the clean vocals serve as a cry for help. The production of the chorus (in the catchiest way possible) flawlessly embodies the emotional roller coaster that is anxiety.

The second verse is even more powerful, with the addition of NEVE’s incredible backup vocals underscoring the lyrics even as she sings them. The most emphatic line is perhaps “how’d you choose the right side in your own mind”, something anyone who’s ever felt this way will immediately understand. The end of the song combines the effects of the chorus with repetition of lyrics from the first verse before it comes to a decisive close.

With this track, NEVE has successfully captured what it feels like to have anxiety. Listeners will gravitate towards this song as an honest and accurate representation of their emotional world, and they’ll understand that they’re not alone.

This is the goal for NEVE, as mental health and suicide prevention are causes close to her heart. Through her music, she hopes to serve as an emotional release for fans to help them through dark times. She has certainly achieved that goal by tackling this mental health issue head on with this catchy, authentic, and vulnerable track.

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