Saleka offers an irresistible escape from reality on “There is a Place”


Just a few weeks ago, R&B artist Saleka released her first single of the year with “One More Night.”  A quasi-ballad that shows off Saleka’s exquisite vocals, “One More Night” is all about searching for more time with someone you love.  Even though the track stands well enough on its own, it was also written for and featured on an episode of Apple TV+’s Servant.  As she gets ready to release her Songs From The Attic EP, which will contain all of the singles she has written and performed for Servant so far, Saleka is taking fans away to a dreamy oasis on her new single, “There is a Place.”

On “There is a Place,” Saleka offers an irresistible escape from reality.  Containing light percussion and calm guitar, the track gently guides listeners to “a place” they can call their own.  Once there, they will be able to forget about the drama or heartache that is happening in real time and focus on the various people or situations that make them happy.  You can check it out below.

As “There is a Place” is Saleka’s fifth song for the thrilling Apple TV+ series, the music has taken on a life of its own in the show.  Fans of Servant know these songs as coming from a jazz and R&B singer from the 90s named Vivian Dale, who is always heard but never seen.  We are sure to hear more from Vivian in upcoming episodes and possibly upcoming seasons of Servant, but for now, you can listen to “There is a Place” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

You can also hear “There is a Place” on the aforementioned Songs From The Attic EP, which will drop March 25.

Keep up with Saleka:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // TikTok // Website


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