Saleka begs for just “One More Night” on new single


Having released so many moving singles these past couple of years, R&B artist Saleka is well on her way to the top.  She has such a timeless voice, using it to not only create beautiful music, but to also impart important messages.  Whether she is singing about equality and racial injustice, as she does on “How Many,” or the concept of growing old with someone special, as she does on “Remain,” she shows that relationships are a core part of the journey we take through life.  As she gives us her first single of 2022, Saleka explores this concept even further.

On “One More Night,” Saleka sings about the beauty and pain that comes from getting too close to someone.  Accompanied by gentle piano and shimmering guitar, she sings about crying at the party and feeling “powerless with you,” but still wants things to work out.  Cautiously, she asks, “Could you give me one more night / Before I say goodbye?”  You can check it out below.

“One More Night” is yet another song that Saleka has written for her father’s Apple TV+ show, Servant.  Back in March of last year, Saleka penned the poignant “The Sky Cries,” which spoke to the many themes of the show.  As Saleka has a few more songs that will be featured on Servant this year, she is using “One More Night” as a way of introducing her upcoming EP, Songs From The Attic.  The EP is due for release March 25 and will include all of Saleka’s songs from the show.

You can listen to “One More Night” on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Keep up with Saleka:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // TikTok // Website


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