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Who can use a little bit of love right now?  Some butterflies?  Flowers?  Good things?  If you are partial to any or all of those splendors, then you are in luck.  On her new EP, Good Things, Wafia describes what it is like to search for the important things in life, no matter how grand or ordinary, and why we should strive to keep such things close to us.

The EP opens with “Hurricane,” a summery pop track that drives away all connotations to such a devastating force of nature.  There are plenty of tracks out that that bear this ferocious name, often centering on events or feelings that compare to the intensity of a hurricane.  Yet, with Wafia’s “Hurricane,” she taps into finding someone who makes the storm come to a halt.  Indeed, the sunshine comes out on the track, represented in the easy-going rhythms and the lightness of Wafia’s voice; you will easily want to rejoice with her, and wrap yourself up in the track’s comforting vibes.

Relationships are a definite focus on the EP, ranging from those that we share with others to those that we form with ourselves.  We all want someone who will “save us” in some way, and make all of our problems go away.  Sometimes, these saviors end up taking the form of another person, as we hear on “Flowers & Superpowers.”  When we find that person, we might as well be living in some kind of parallel universe, full of flowers, blooms, and cosmic melodies.  Other times, we end up being our own savior.  On the nostalgic-sounding “Pick Me,” Wafia describes how essential it is to not let others get the best of you.  At the end of the day, would you rather love yourself or someone who does not appreciate your value?

The notion of self-care is further examined on “Butterflies” and “Good Things.”  When you listen to “Butterflies,” you can almost imagine a caterpillar moving around in its cocoon before emerging and taking flight in the choruses.  The track is a nod to simpler times, but it also reminds us not to get too down about the things not currently working out in our lives.  If you need even more of a boost after listening to “Butterflies,” you can put “Good Things” on blast.  This will fill you with the glee of any 80s dance pop smash, and encourage you to focus on the positives.  Haters are always going to look for ways to tear you down; the best thing you can do is ignore their remarks and focus on all of the good things in your life.

The EP comes to a poignant end with the moving piano ballad, “How To Lose A Friend.”  As we strive for more good things in our lives, we get to a point where we have to sever off the bad; this can mean ending close friendships with people who have turned out to be nothing but complications in our lives.  While Wafia does not exactly give us a list on how to lose these friends, she does touch on how jarring and painful it is to get on with live without them.  Hopefully, anyone going through a similar situation will be able to identify with her words and find relief in just knowing that such feelings are universal.

Ultimately, Good Things is an enchanting escape from the mundane.  You are bound to get caught up in the EP’s spunk and energy, brought on by the unique, unexpected combinations of sounds, riffs, melodies, and effects.  You are also sure to find validation in the lyrics, as they are very relatable and open.  Altogether, you never know what to expect from each song, which keeps things fresh and compelling.  I am excited to hear more good things from Wafia in the years to come.

You can listen to Good Things on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Wafia:  Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Website


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