JORDY dishes out some apt advice for cuffing season on “If He’s In Your Bed”


As we fall into pumpkin spice season, some of us are falling into new relationships.  With October just around the corner, the pressure to find someone to spend the holidays with is in full effect, sending hopeless romantics into a tizzy.  Whether you are an active participant in cuffing season this year or choosing to fly under the radar, pop artist JORDY is here to guide you on this journey with his new single “If He’s In Your Bed.”

Similar to Dua Lipa’s “New Rules,” JORDY’s “If He’s In Your Bed” has your best interests at heart.  Filled with anecdotes about cancelling plans for and wasting time on the wrong people, the track sends some serious advice on protecting yourself from guys who could not care less.  Over a lighthearted pop beat, JORDY sings, “Stop making messes just to hide in messes” and “Don’t send that message ’cause you’re bored with nothing better to do,” knowing that all of it will just lead to even more issues later on.

The video for the track is a cute take on 80s poolside music videos, filled with bright colors and a playful storyline that go well with the catchy melodies.  We see JORDY being a bit extra, trying to catch the attention of a lifeguard on duty.  As much as this lifeguard tries to avoid interacting with JORDY at all, he ultimately has to jump into the pool and rescue JORDY from drowning.   You can watch it unfold below.

Giving us more backstory on the song, JORDY shares,

“I missed my friend’s beach party to hang out with a stupid boy who absolutely didn’t deserve my time. We all have ‘weak’ moments; the spontaneous urge to be held, to be touched.  But when it starts to interfere with the things that make you the most happy, you start to realize that maybe changes are necessary.  ‘If He’s In Your Bed’ was written the day after the missed beach extravaganza with Jonny Shorr and Riley Biederer.  We all bonded over times when we decided to endure a bad hookup instead of going out with people who actually care about you.  The next time you find yourself in one of those moments like I did, play this song and remind yourself of your worth and what you deserve.”

You can listen to “If He’s In Your Bed” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Catch JORDY on tour this fall here.

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