Noah Kahan’s ‘Stick Season Tour’ is Exactly What the World Needs


Photo by Chris Tuite / Toyota Amphitheatre

Last week’s heatwave brought more than just sweltering heat to the sunshine state. Performing a sold-out show at the Toyota Amphitheatre in Wheatland, California, Noah Kahan left the audience with an evening that felt as though ‘We’ll All Be Here Forever.’ Providing concert goers some respite from intense temperatures, Noah took time before the show to meet fans in the heat of July. Further adding to his chill disposition, he thoughtfully handed out frozen refreshments under the rays of the summer sun.

As the day’s blazing skies turned to dusk hues of warm sand, hibiscus tangerine and midnight martinique, the evening’s festivities were blanketed with the solace of sunset. Through whimsical birch trees and mountain side staging, Jensen McRae emerged, taking center stage like a quirky boho pixie. Performing her latest single “Massachusetts” with new songs “Mother Wound” and “Let Me Be Wrong,” she captivated the audience with her delightfully playful nature. Despite the sudden onset of winged sky dwellers, that swarmed stage lighting, Jensen and her band members pushed through the humorously unforeseen distraction. The poetic singer-songwriter sang beautifully, almost as if she was a songbird sherpa, leading the audience through the sticks and into the mountain meadow clearing that awaited.

Photo by Chris Tuite / Toyota Amphitheatre

Fans waited patiently as crews shifted staging for the popular headliner. As the venue lights dimmed, the audience cheered with excitement. Like a pulse check, glimmering white lights matched the beat of “Dial Drunk” from Noah’s 2023 album Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever) as the drummer and violinist led the rest of the band into the song’s alluring introduction. Walking to center stage with a 1968 Fender Coronado II hollowbody in hand, the Grammy award winner was warmly welcomed by adoring fans. As the tempo of this hit song slowly built, the entire house danced into the chorus together. After taking a moment to greet all in attendance and thanking the crowd for enduring the heat induced “swamp ass epidemic,” the Vermont native laughed with the audience as he performed a wide array of popular songs, such as “Forever” and “All My Love” from his 2024 album Stick Season (Forever). Perfectly blending folk, pop, rock, and indie music into a sound all his own as he strummed the mandolin perfectly. Joyous exuberance radiated from Noah and his band as they cheerfully interacted on stage, like a pack of playful wolves beneath the evening’s starry sky.

Slowing things down a bit, Noah showed vulnerability with the crowd as he shared a song he’s kept close to his heart. Hoping fans receive it well, he performed “Godlight.” The acoustic selection displayed his beautifully dynamic vocal range. Segueing into the sound of roaring fans, he walked through the audience with a sunburst Gibson to stage B. He performed “Growing Sideways” and “Strawberry Wine” from his 2022 album Stick Season, as he glowed from the audiences’ entranced starlight. An absolute pleasure to watch, the crowd swayed in unison as each cathartic strum made its way through everyone’s hearts. Taking to the main stage once more, he performed “Call Your Mom” and “Northern Attitude” from his 2023 album Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever). Noah exuded positivity and retained amazing stage presence as artificial summer snow began to slowly flow into the evening’s breeze. A widespread cool down blanketed the audience as heads turned up to the sky, each refreshing flake providing relief to sun-kissed skin. A magical moment that will live on as a core memory within the minds of all in attendance.

Photo by Chris Tuite / Toyota Amphitheatre

A truly unique experience, Noah’s ‘We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour’ is exactly what the world needs right now. The evening came to a bittersweet close as he performed “Stick Season” from his 2023 album Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever) for the encore finale. Leaving the venue with confetti fall leaves in the hair of many, there was no doubt that Noah had “All Our Love.”

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Review by Andrea Garman @themusiclens

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