Machine Gun Kelly Exceeds Expectations with ‘Downfalls High’


It has been nearly four months since Machine Gun Kelly released his fifth studio album, Tickets To My Downfall, which has enjoyed a massive amount of success.  Filled with nostalgic pop punk hooks, special collaborations, and relatable lyrics, Tickets To My Downfall was more than easy to love; as soon as you finished listening, you wanted more.  MGK did everything he could to oblige, from releasing a deluxe version of the album to creating visually engaging sets for live performances of the tracks.  Fans would have been more than satisfied with all of the content, but to their surprise, MGK had one more ticket to his downfall up his sleeve.

This metaphorical ticket comes in the form of a musical, Downfalls High.  The musical was written and directed by MGK and Mod Sun, and clocks in at around 50 minutes.  Even though the movie was shot in only four days, it fully tells a story through the tracks on Tickets To My Downfall.

Each track on Tickets To My Downfall has its own moment in the movie, complete with various cameos from those who were featured on the album.  MGK and Travis Barker act as narrators throughout the musical, appearing in almost every scene.  We see them performing the songs in random settings, such as in a roller rink or in a van, and tying up the transitions from one section of the movie to another.  While each track sets more of a mood for what plays out in the movie instead of literally addressing what is happening, they complete the story and complement the characters and the scenes very well.

Without giving too much away, the musical focuses on Fenix, a senior at Downfalls High.  Fenix is more of an outcast at the school, spending his days wondering what he is going to do with his life, until the day he meets Scarlett.  The two fall in love and have an intense high school romance.  Their days are spent hanging out with friends, going to thrift stores, and telling each other their darkest secrets.  It seems as if the two will be together forever, until the inevitable happens.  Will everything be alright?  Will Travis Barker be out-drummed?  Will there actually be any aliens in the part where “concert for aliens” is played?  You just have to watch and see.

Overall, Downfalls High was an incredible tribute to Tickets To My Downfall.  The storyline was pretty straightforward, serving as more of a way to cohesively connect the songs than as an idea to exist outside of the music.  Nothing was too over-the-top or underwhelming, and it was more than enjoyable to see these songs in a new light.  From the comments that rolled in at the end of the movie, it was clear that fans were more than impressed with what was presented.  Bring on the sequel!

You can watch Downfalls High here.

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