Bec Sandridge weighs the “Cost Of Love” on new single


In 2019, Bec Sandridge released her debut album, Try + Save Me, which contained a slew of indie pop hits like “Animal,” “I’ll Never Want a BF,” “Eyes Wide,” and “Stranger.”  The project made for a promising start to the singer-songwriter’s career, as “Stranger” even scored second place at the International Songwriting Competition in the Unsigned category, judged by Tom Waits, Dua Lipa, and Chris Martin.  Taking time out to write her “best songs to date,” Bec has been hard at work these past few years on her upcoming EP, Lost Dog, due out in October.  Returning with her first piece of new music since Try + Save Me, Bec is giving us “Cost Of Love,” which is also the debut single from Lost Dog.

When describing the single, Bec mentioned, “If Shania Twain and Daft Punk met at an 80s aerobics class, sweatily hooked up, and had a gay baby, she would be named ‘Cost of Love’.”  This comes across very clearly in the track, as we hear shuffling drums, 80s rhythms, buoyant guitar and sincere lyrics.  Throughout the track, Bec tries to work through a problematic relationship in order to save herself and the other person from disaster.  You can listen to it below.

Telling us more about “Cost Of Love,” Bec shares,

“It felt like I had lost myself in a relationship that had a relatively frail foundation.  Despite the rocky-ness of the whole thing, we kept trying to build upon it beyond the used-by date… I guess we attempted to roll the shit in shit-tons of glitter, to a degree. This song was my attempt to explore being logical in love and answer the question of: how do you know when to call it before you lose all of yourself, and in turn, each other?”

You can listen to “Cost Of Love” on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Keep up with Bec Sandridge:  Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube // Website


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