maxime. Is Unapologetically Sludgy in “come undone”


Put me in a big ol’ bucket of mud, maxime.

come undone” is a CHUNKY peanut butter. In the cans, I feel as though I’m wading through a pool of slime. This is a high compliment. maxime. expertly utilizes simplistic chord progressions contextualized in modern grunge guitar textures to make the listener trudge through a cold, running river of angst.

The song fires on all cylinders from the get, with full crunchy guitars and vocals that drench the listener in mad-melancholy. This hard start gives maxime. all the space in the world to break things down through the verse, ultimately landing in a sparse but effective musical soundscape of just guitar and vocals in the pre-chorus.

In comes the chorus with the lackadaisical energy of a sleeping bull. It’s tame but tough; it’s latent. The hook (and the song in general) sounds like the musical equivalent of gritting your teeth (positive). maxime.‘s heavily distorted vocals sound as if he barely opened his mouth while he sang it, which is not to any detriment. It’s the delivery necessary to convey the tense ennui of coming undone.

The Weezer influence cannot be understated. The chord progression in “come undone” is one chord away from being the main motif of “Only In Dreams“. That + the quarter note chug of the guitars is signature Weezer. This, again, is not to any detriment. maxime. modernizes these ideas and does the necessary spinning to make it his own.

With a synth solo as a cherry on top, “come undone” is a fresh, head-bobbing, close-your-eyes and dissociate, banger.

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