HOKO Fights Forgetting in Their New Single “Ephemera”


HOKO poignantly paints the picture of relationship post-partum in their new single “Ephemera“.

With a powerful entry of hard-panned bitcrushed textures surrounding an alt-rock ensemble of guitar, drums, and bass, “Ephemera” sets the stage for a fresh sounding story of loss and longing. Hopping into the verse, HOKO breaks it down to a simpler grouping of instruments to let the yearning voice of Nathaniel Hoho shine.

The chorus of this song is what will cement it in your breakup playlist. Coming out of the verse, Hoho cries, “How do you do it?/How do you forget?”. The next line drops the metaphorical elbow on the breakup struggle, “How did we lose it?/Before we began.” These lines tug hard on the heartstrings and tie into the main theme of ephemera (things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time).

Dynamic jams laden with atmospheric synthesizers and strings keep the song interesting and sweetly somber. The chorus is an immediate sing-a-long and “Ephemera” will surely be a fixture in anyone’s “Moving On” mixtape.

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