In “Holy”, Òlah Bliss Bathes and Laments in Stunning Atmospheres


Holy is right.

Òlah Bliss immerses the listener in a tumultuous but ethereal soundscape of personal struggle in her new single, “Holy“. Though this song lures the listener in with an accessible, poignant hook, “You fucked me up”, it tells a deeper story of dissatisfaction in life, with self, and an outside actor.

Cavernous atmospheres established by reverbed and delayed vocals and light keys set the scene in the intro. Here is where Bliss begins the narrative of the struggle, referencing the trip to hell and back. From here we build with the addition of powerful but simple drums.

Much like the sine wave of life through struggle and triumph, this song is dynamic. Removing and adding elements all throughout to further illustrate the ins-and-outs of navigating times of darkness, where one feels sabotaged and “set up to fail“.

The end of “Holy” ends appropriately in a prayer, where Bliss is reaching out to a heavenly entity to “break the shackles, break the chains“. This is a fitting, peaceful ending to a heart-wrenching but relatable alt-pop song that should go on your Struggle Bus playlist.

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